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Pasabache Glass

Alanya Waterglass 6Pk/8/52052
Alanya Whisky 6Pk/8/52436
Antalya Hiball 6Pk/8/52279
Antalya Whisky 6Pk/8/52276
Aqua Coffee Cup & Saucer 6Pk/95040/4
Aurora Bowl 6Pc/10601/4
Azur Waterglass 3Pc/8/420013
Barrel Whisky 6Pk/8/41010
Basic Bowl Round with Cover 2Pc/6/97343
Basic Bowl Square with Cover 2Pc/95283/6
Basic Candy Bowl/95561/12
Basic Storage Bowl with Dome/98397/12
Beer Glass Footed Bistro 6Pk/4/44417
Beer Glass Pub 500cc Bulk/55129/12
Bistro Bowl White Lid Large/42240/12
Bistro Bowl with Ass Col Lid 3Pc/98740/24
Bistro Bowl with Grey Lid 2Pc/42230/12
Bistro Bowl with Orange Lid 2Pc/42230/12
Bistro Champagne 6Pk/4/44419
Bistro Champagne Bowl 6Pk/44136/4

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